Health Insurance for Your Pet? It Might Not Be as Crazy as You Think

The joyous yip from the terrier down the hall and melodious purr from the tabby in your lap remind you that all is well in your home. These cute, furry creatures are members of your family. You feed them, provide them with shelter and provide protection from fleas and other pests. But is it reasonable to obtain health insurance for your pet as you do for the other members of your family?




Unexpected events happen inside and outside your home. Your dog may devour the delicious chocolate you accidentally left sitting out or run out too quickly in front of your neighbor’s bike. Your cat may get into a territorial squabble or swallow the tinsel from your holiday decorations. Even the best-prepared pet owners experience periodic misadventures and small disasters.



puppy sad

Onset of disease can occur suddenly, and your pet may not display symptoms to prepare you. Diseases like cancer, leukemia or other hereditary infirmities can attack and catch you off guard. These diseases are especially prevalent in purebred animals. What are your options when you return home to find your puppy does not greet you with his usual excited bark and unstoppable tail wag, but lies listless in the kitchen, unwilling to even lift his head?




Pet health care can be expensive. The options to treat your pet have greatly expanded, but so have the costs. While surgery is a commonly available procedure for pets now, it is not unusual for surgery to cost thousands of dollars. Can your budget accommodate this type of unexpected expense?

Pet health insurance can quickly reimburse you for the bulk of your costs. Benefits will differ among insurance providers, but most policies cover injuries and illness. After your deductible and co-payment, each will reimburse you up to the per incident, annual or lifetime caps of the policy.

Some policies go further and provide special riders. You can obtain some financial relief for the regular Veterinarian wellness visits you already make. Some policies even provide coverage for behavioral issues, or offer discounts to cover multiple pets. According to a Veterinarian in St. Petersburg, regular checkups can help prevent major illness and extend a pet’s length and quality of life by several years.

Ultimately, only you can decide if a monthly premium better suits your circumstances than absorbing the full burden when misfortune arrives. What is the best way to make certain your pet receives emergency care when needed? How you do ensure the daily games of fetch and the unconditional fluffy affection continue for years to come? Pet Health Insurance may be the most practical way to keep all of you happy and healthy.

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