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Health Insurance for Your Pet? It Might Not Be as Crazy as You Think

The joyous yip from the terrier down the hall and melodious purr from the tabby in your lap remind you that all is well in your home. These cute, furry creatures are members of your family. You feed them, provide them with shelter and provide protection from fleas and other pests. But is it reasonable […]

What You Absolutely Need for Moving Day (Do NOT Move Without This List)

Moving is a huge life event. It takes time, money, and there’s a lot of emotions that go into it. When you move as a family, it can be so much more cumbersome. The best way to deal with this huge move, consider this list of essentials. Documents You have to move many document from […]

Removing pet stains from carpet

Having a pet in the home is such a joy. They are fun, loving, and inquisitive. While some household pets, such as birds, hamsters and reptiles, spend most of their time living in cages, cats and dogs roam the house freely just like we do. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents—especially when the animals are […]

With the rise of apartment living, what’s a nation of pet owners to do?

Emma Power, Western Sydney University Australia is a nation of pet owners. Yet as the popularity of apartment living grows, this culture is increasingly at risk from strata regulations that restrict the keeping of animals. Are these laws out of touch? NSW Fair Trading has released a review of strata regulation. Key changes include a […]