Cookouts, Food and Pet Safety

Summer is finally here! And for a lot of us that means getting outdoors and enjoying cookouts with family, friends — and pets! It’s a great time to sit back and relax, drink a beer or two and maybe set the family record for the number of hot dogs you can eat. But don’t rest […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Next Pet

Deciding to get a new furry family member is an exciting time. There are so many cute, playful, loving cats and dogs out there – but how do you choose your perfect forever friend? Congratulations – you’re getting a new furry addition to the family! Of course, now that you’ve decided you’re ready for the […]

Removing pet stains from carpet

Having a pet in the home is such a joy. They are fun, loving, and inquisitive. While some household pets, such as birds, hamsters and reptiles, spend most of their time living in cages, cats and dogs roam the house freely just like we do. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents—especially when the animals are […]

With the rise of apartment living, what’s a nation of pet owners to do?

Emma Power, Western Sydney University Australia is a nation of pet owners. Yet as the popularity of apartment living grows, this culture is increasingly at risk from strata regulations that restrict the keeping of animals. Are these laws out of touch? NSW Fair Trading has released a review of strata regulation. Key changes include a […]

Can Pets have Allergies?

The start of Autumn also marks the start of allergy season, and unfortunately seasonal allergies are very common in pets, especially dogs.Pets actually have very sensitive skin. At only half the thickness of human skin, they are incredibly sensitive to environmental allergens. When humans have allergies,  with runny eyes, a blocked nose and signs in our upper […]

5 Tips To Dog Proof Your Garden

Dogs are amazing companions but have their own challenges, and it can be worth dog-proofing your garden, whether you’d like to keep them in or out. 50% of dog thefts happen from unsecured gardens, and dogs can just run away if they spot something exciting. On the other hand, we have a pair of gorgeous […]

How to get rid of an wanted parrot

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns that leave you unable to keep up with a parrot’s needs. Maybe you simply bought a parrot on impulse and have since realized that you don’t have the patience or resources to keep the animal. What ever the case may be, you have several good options available to you but […]

Blind Rescue Dog Gets Her Sight Back

 An abandoned dog found sick, blind and flea-infested has gotten her sight back. Eldad Hargar and his wife, Audrey, the founders of Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization that takes in abused and neglected animals, took in the pup, Fiona, last year and launched a fundraising campaign on her behalf.The couple filmed […]