Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Training a dog for  work takes years of dedication and hard work. Search-and-rescue dogs work in emergency situations, and save lives every day. It can be emotional work  take this story.The dog is part of a family of similar animals that include wolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals and wild hunting dogs such as the Dingo and Wild Hunting Dog, who all share common characteristics.

Many of these wild dogs have been claimed to be the domestic dog’s wild ancestor but the exact origins of the dog and domestication history of the dog are uncertain.

The dog is a pack animal and is therefore sociable and enjoying company. In the wild dogs follow a complex hierarchy within the pack with a pack leader who is a strong and assertive leader.

In the absence of a pack the dog views the family with which it lives as its “pack” and it is important that a family member is established as the pack leader during training and that the dog understands that it is ranked lowest within the pack in order to avoid behavioural problems.

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