8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Pet

Pictures of dogs and cats are the most searched for on hosting sites like Flikr and they dominate social platforms like Instagram. But getting the ideal picture of your dog can be a little tricky.

  1. Aim to photograph in natural light and avoid the flash. If you are indoors, get your pet next to a white wall, this will enhance the natural light.
  2. Avoid clutter in the background, or if you have a DSLR camera manipulate the aperture to create that soft blurred portrait background.
  3. Use treats. You can even put the treat on top of the camera to really get your pet’s attention. For camera shy pets consider training your pet that a camera click means a treat.
  4. Get down on your pet’s level; this will give a more natural view.
  5. If you have a dog that loves squeaky toys, use that to get some eye contact. For cats, toys that rattle or rustle a fishing line cat toy or a laser pointer can get your subject’s attention.
  6. Take your dog out for a big walk prior to the photo shoot, to work of some excess energy first.
  7. If you are aiming for a posed shot, most dogs are reluctant to jump off high platforms like tables, so you can set up props around your dog. Just remember a slippery surface will make your dog insecure, so use some fabric or a mat to make it more comfortable.
  8. To get your cat into position, consider using placing a decorative box on the floor and allow your cat to investigate. Many cats will naturally like a confined space to sit in.

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